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Moving to a new house is an exciting–but stressful–process. You want to ensure your new home is in good condition, with no “surprises” when you move in!  SiteCheck Home Inspect, LLC helps you feel secure about the condition of your prospective home.  We provide Certified Whole Home Inspections that check all the systems, from the roof down to the crawlspace.  We also walk with you through the home and point out our inspection findings.  SiteCheck Home Inspect, LLC also provides Safety and Maintenance (Pre-Sell) Inspections before putting your home on the market, or to identify home safety and upkeep issues.

3 Reviews for SiteCheck Home Inspect, LLC

Kidz VS 1 Reviews
I wanted to test my basement before I had renters move in.

Merilee made my needs a priority and was here to test it the next morning. She is very professional and a pleasure to work with.

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When buying a house we needed a home inspection,

When buying a house we needed a home inspection, which I thought was just a legal “thumbs up”, but I was very wrong. Merilee of SiteCheck Home Inspect was at the house for three hours, and provided us with a list of 21 we should be aware of. While it initially stressed me out, it gave us tons of leverage with the sellers, and they ended up fixing 18 of them! I would much rather have a list of everything that could be a problem than have someone tell me “no issues”. We were much more comfortable moving into the home after this inspection.

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Joshua Bladh 1 Reviews
My wife and I were under contract to purchase a house.

Merilee was very easy to work with to set up an inspection well within our due diligence period. She was thorough and didn’t rush the inspection. She climbed on the roof and got into the crawl space to find all sorts of important details. She answered all our questions during the walk through after the inspection. And she provided us with a comprehensive report with pictures of any point of interest so we didn’t have to memorize everything. She is not a certified electrician or professional plumber, so although she was able to point out important electrical or plumbing issues, she could only explain them from a general perspective. Which is pretty typical from what I’ve found. We would use her again. She does a good job catching everything in a general way, and pointing out when something ought to be inspected by a more specialized professional.

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