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  • We specialize in providing concise, easy to understand information that will give you a clear understanding of your home’s current condition.
  • We’re committed to performing high quality, thorough inspections. That’s why we only do one inspection per day.
  • Our inspection reports come with numerous photos, along with detailed written explanations.
  • A Still River Inspection will not only inform you about the home’s defects, it will also educate you about the home and required maintenance.

3 Reviews for Still River Home Inspections, Inc.

Alice Miles 1 Reviews
Dan also talked with us on the phone the next day when we had some follow-up

I highly recommend Still River Home Inspections. Dan inspected the home we were buying and we’re so glad we hired him. He is methodical, thorough, and professional. He not only inspected the house and property, but also took the time to make sure we understood the function and maintenance of everything. By the time the inspection was over we knew which repairs to make right away, how to maintain all aspects of the house over time, and what questions we should ask the homeowners before we closed the deal. He included good-quality photos of each item that needed to be addressed, and provided a detailed write-up of the inspection with everything he found, big and small. We were also buying a home that had well water and a septic system, which our previous house didn’t have. Since we were completely unfamiliar with these systems, we needed an experienced inspector who knew what to look for. When it came to our well water, Dan had the equipment to test the pressure over several hours (he went out to check the gauge every twenty minutes). He discussed the water quality report with us and gave us advice on different types of filtration systems. He explained how the septic system worked and what we should do to keep it working well. He was so knowledgeable that he gave us confidence in an area we knew very little about. He did this for everything we needed to know about, from heating to roofing to the foundation to the land itself. Dan also talked with us on the phone the next day when we had some follow-up questions about a few things. It was great.

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Mike McMullin 1 Reviews
We will see you again soon.

We hired Dan to do a Home inspection on a property we had an accepted offer on. Not our first purchase, but our first time using Dan as an inspector, and I was amazed at the different experience we had over our previous inspections. To say Dan is thorough, is an understatement. He was absolutely incredible. He crawled through a crawl space, and inspected every inch of that space for us, he went up on the roof, in the Attic and was extremely particular about pointing out everything from the small maintenance items to the large must fix now items. We had a thorough check of the electric panel, the outlets, fixtures, and plumbing to a degree i have not seen in past inspections. Detailed pictures of everything he pointed out to us came in the report, which detailed absolutely everything he noticed in great detail. Dan is absolutely at the Top of his profession. Thank you Dan. We will see you again soon.

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geoff stilwell 1 Reviews
I have used Still River Home Inspections twice now, 5 years apart.

I have used Still River Home Inspections twice now, 5 years apart. Each inspection was incredibly thorough. Between trawling the interior and exterior of the house, Dan spends several hours investigating, updating, and if you’re anything like me, patiently answering a thousand questions as you go. He makes sure you understand what’s good in the house and what needs work. When something is an issue or is likely to become one, he explains in detail what’s wrong, why it’s a problem, and what can be done about it. His reports are incredibly thorough, with photos and color coded write-ups about each aspect of the home. He is also incredibly prompt, both with regards to punctuality at the inspection and the speed with which he e-mails out your report. He offered a same day turnaround, though I wasn’t in such a rush as to make him bend over backwards. Instead I got my report at 7am the next morning. Dude’s on top of it. Dan’s vast knowledge about all things house and his friendly demeanor have made him an indispensable part of my home purchases. If he ever moves away or retires, I’ll probably just refuse to ever buy a house again.

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