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If you’re a realtor or home buyer you’ve come to the right company. We believe home inspections should be hassle-free. We provide a thorough but efficient inspection experience. Stuart Inspection has the industry experience and customer service to make your inspection process as smooth as possible.

Why choose Stuart Inspection Service:

  • Multiple inspectors at each appointment ensures quick, accurate results.

  • Reports are easy to read and include large photos of defective items.

3 Reviews for Stuart Inspection Service

Dinah LHeureux 1 Reviews
Stuart Inspection is professional, knowledgable, thorough, and quick.

If you are needing a home inspected, or looking for some good guys to work with, look no further!! Highly recommend.

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Charles Steger 1 Reviews
We decided to go with Stuart Inspection Service based on high recommended.

When seeking a home inspector to perform an inspection for a historic home purchase, my wife and I were going in blind. I was tremendously impressed with the professionalism, courteousness, attention to detail, and open communication provided by Aaron and John. They took time to walk me through the house to not only discuss the areas of possible repair, but also to discuss where the house shines, areas that may need attention over the next several years, and good tips for basic maintenance/care. The final report was thorough with detailed descriptions and pictures of areas of need. It was a terrific tool for further repair negotiation. As a final note, it gave me great comfort working with a family owned and operated business that is now into its second generation. I now too can and do highly recommend Stuart Inspection Service.

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Brenda Summitt 1 Reviews
Luckily we had multiple offers and it sold for full asking price.

Anyone thinking to use this company should be aware that they fabricate and falsify repairs. This company gave a nine page report of not only repairs but suggested upgrades. I questioned if he reported on the wrong house. He noted that the appliances were not new, when indeed they all were new. He said it need guttering, and storm doors but there was guttering and storm stores. He said the new GFI plug did not trip. I walked up and pushed to test wirh no problem. The report said all the faucets were loose. When I asked the realtor which ones were loose, she could not find one loose faucet. These are just a few of his obvious errors we found on his report. We had paperwork and a warranty on the structural part but he recommended additional structural inspections. All that was found by the newly hired structural engineer was a header over the garage 3/8 inches off. Nothing else! This was a wonderful starter house for anyone. This was a 3 bed 2 bath 2 car garage with New H/A, new hot water heater, new kitchen appliances and bathroom renovated, new carpet and new tile in kitchen and dining room. New paint inside and out. Great home for $110.000. This inspection was a sham and it put doubt in our buyers mind that this was a good purchase. As a result she backed out after holding up the sale for several weeks

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