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After retiring from the Navy and homeschooling my children, I was looking for a new career.  My interest in construction and my experience in the military made home inspecting a perfect fit.  I started the company in 2014 and brought my son on in 2015. Now Texas Pride Home Inspections is a small family-run business.  We have done over 1100 inspections between us, and we absolutely love what we are doing. Each of our inspections is focused on providing the best possible inspection for our clients.

3 Reviews for Texan Inspection Services

Lisa Pratt 1 Reviews
He took his time and checked everything.

Very good inspection. Our inspector was very thorough. We were very satisfied. I highly recommend this company. Plus, the price was a little less than the competitors.

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zw 1 Reviews
BTW. The receptionist was nice. The builder of the problematic house is city choice home.

Back in April 2019. we hired them to inspect a townhouse in East downtown area. Because they have a drone service to inspect the roof, we choose them. They did find out a potential roof problem. This is good part of it. But the bad part completely turn my opinion 180 degrees. Firstly, I was with the inspector when the inspection happened. I literally founded two problems of the house myself that he almost missed. Like the grout of tile in the master bath is missing and some tile is loose. The third floor of master bedroom has a slight crease and not even. He noted in the report and tell me the floor should be fine and it is not structural. The termite inspection guy reminded him the water stains on the ceiling. I kinda started thinking whether the inspector is 100% thorough at this point. At the end of day we trusted him and close the house. Here is worst part. On their report, it states all the window is operating and functional. They are not! 1. One window in the guest bedroom was completely stuck ( cannot open) and leaking air. 2. The window on the master toilet room was leaking when it is raining. It has water stain on the drywall, because it was dry during the inspection day and the inspector heavily relying on their Infrared camera and “forgot” the visual inspection part. It was not caught by him. 3. The leaking window in the master bedroom. The inspector did caught water stain on the board. But his explanation is the water condensation from the inside. I was dumb enough to trust him and just ask the seller to repaint it. And it was leaking wildly in a heady rain night. Those windows became a major headache for us. Because they are all on the third floor which is hard to reach and repair. Knowing this could completely alter our decision to buy this house. We reached out to the company one time, the inspector came to the house again. But they refuse to refund the fee. But offered to find a friend to repair. Guess what we never heard from the inspector again. We are pretty busy, that is why this review comes late.

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Angelo Karim 1 Reviews
Texan Inspection services did a fabulous job from start to finish.

When I called to make an appointment, Mrs. Kathleen was very polite and informative. She walked me though the process and answered all my questions. The day of Inspection, Brian the inspector arrived to the house 15 minutes early and got started. Once finished, he went over the report with me and answered all my questions. By the end of the day I received full report by emailed. Im all about customer service and Texan Inspection service succeeded. I highly recommend them if you are looking for a home inspection. From a first time home buyer, Thank you!

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