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Sharon St. Clair purchased her first home. She trusted her agent who suggested a home inspector. She didn’t take the time to ask questions about the inspector or inspection company. Shortly after she moved into her home, there were major problems.  Sharon’s agent didn’t respond to her calls and neither did the inspector. Thousands of dollars later, the home was fixed. When she decided to sell the home, she realized she had lost a lot of money.

Prior to opening an inspection company Sharon was part owner of a company that performed Energy Star Certification of homes for local builders. When the opportunity came to start a home inspection company, she knew she wanted to provide an excellent experience to the client. She knew she had to have qualified and quality conscious inspectors.

3 Reviews for The Diamond Group Home Inspections Inc.

Dino Moreland 1 Reviews
The service and professionalism was second to none.

The owner and inspector provided a-lot of insight on how the inspection process works. I’m a first time home buyer and I will be using this company for life!!!

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Tony Morales 1 Reviews
Owner was very responsive and explained services and cost

Owner was very responsive and explained services and cost. There were no hidden charges or unexpected outcomes for what they promise. The inspection itself is really informative and the inspector conducted himself like a professor in knowledge but also like a close confidant willing to share his knowledge.

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Rebecca Nothof 1 Reviews
Not good at all. I would recommend anyone but this group.

The inspector (Don) said lights didn’t work when really he just couldn’t find the switch. He missed the fact that EVERY toilet leaks water onto the ground and had constant running issues. One toilet runs every 5-10 mins so unless his inspection was 5 mins long, he had to have heard it. When I asked clarifying questions because he would say confusing things such as lights weren’t functional but had a photo of that exact light on later in the report, he refused to own his mistakes and was rather rude to me. Don missed so many things. If he wasn’t looking close enough to see water stains at every toilet and couldn’t figure out simple light switches, what else did he miss? I’m not excited to find out, even though it’s clear that I will discover more of his omissions. Update- I’m now onto my third repair in the 3 months since his inspection. I do hope this stops.

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