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Simply put “purchase or refinance money with money to fix up your home, or small income units, all in one “low interest” loan.

We are one of the largest consultants in the USA. We work with you to create a viable scope of work then actually bid the job for you. This puts you in the driver’s seat when negotiating with your contractor(s).

3 Reviews for The Mike Young Team

Michael Trty 1 Reviews
The Mike Young Team made my dream come true!

We were able to get our project done under the most dire circumstances and Mike was there to help and advise me the whole way. The Mike Young Team make things happen! Most certainly recommend them to anyone using the 203K program. Mike’s experience and insight was super helpful.

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Tucker Turner 1 Reviews
At first I wasn't sure what to think of Mike.

He has a very straightforward, some might say blunt persona. But at the end of the day, he got it done. Because of Mike and his network of contractors, we were able to get into our dream home at a time when it wasn’t so easy to do such. Have faith in Mike and his abilities. He can deliver. I would recommend Mike to a friend or family member without hesitation. If I were to go through the 203k process again, I wouldn’t even consider using anyone but Mike. If you’re reading this review and you’re in the process of obtaining a 203k loan through Mike, let me be the first the congratulate you on your new home.

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Gretchen Hughes 1 Reviews
We have used the Mike Young Team for almost 15 years now.

He has always been fantastic and straight forward. As a Real Estate Professional we have relied on his teams expertise for several of our clients. We used his services for a personal home purchase as well. We have worked with other 203k consultants and none of them compare to Mike Young. We would highly recommend any prospective buyer (or agent) that is looking to do a rehab loan with the Mike Young Team.

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