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We provide professional unbiased, thorough, confidential, quality inspections for Residential properties. John Tuck knows the specifics of building construction and can identify habitability, safety hazards, radon issues, mold issues,termite issue, structure failure and other deficiencies that affect your home.

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Absolutely amazing customer service from start to finish.

No need to look elsewhere for your home inspection. John was extremely thorough in every room of my new home, explained each item, and sent an exceptionally thorough report the same day. I would recommend John and his inspection services to anyone. Awesome experience!!

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kmm70 1 Reviews
It's weird. As I write this, I still think he did (overall) a good job

We had Tuck inspect our house last summer and although at first we thought he did a good job, there were some things that came up that surprised us. When you’re looking at a home – surprises are never a good thing. First, be sure to ask what he will and won’t inspect. For example, he doesn’t cover in-home fire suppression. Won’t unscrew the cover of a sump pump well to inspect the pump. Won’t inspect a generator. None of which we knew until the day he showed up which caused us something of a scramble during our contingency period for inspections. But other than that, we did find him thorough at the time and very responsive with coming out and getting the report sent back. He will test stucco for mold. And he WILL walk the roof which more and more inspectors won’t do. [On that note, do not use anyone who wants to send up a drone. You need someone physically walking on your roof to get a proper inspection so that you know if there are soft-spots in the sub material, if the shingles are loose, etc. Anyone telling you a drone will do – pass. If you do use someone who uses a drone, be sure to ask to see their license.] So, all that was mostly good – just wished he’d set our expectations a bit better. Now the bad. After we bought the place, we hired a cleaning crew as it had been vacant for some time. As we were going through the house with the owner of the cleaning company when we got to the master bath she said “I think you have a water issue in your shower. I can see right there in the corner the way the mildew is wicking up the wall that the seal is bad where the shower floor meets the walls. I see that all the time and I’m sure that’s what that is.” We hadn’t moved in yet so it wasn’t from us. At first, we thought she must’ve been wrong. But as it turned out, she was right and the entire shower had mold and mildew behind the tiles. Between visual inspection and the air quality test we had him do it seemed pretty inexcusable to have missed that. He also missed the fact that the same bathroom had no HVAC supply to it – no heat or A/C ducts whatsoever. In the end, the master bath, which was the only room we thought was move-in ready at the time had to be almost entirely gutted to remediate the mold/mildew issue and install HVAC lines. Both incredibly costly misses. . But, he missed some incredibly crucial, obvious, and costly items.

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lynnsalvucci75 1 Reviews
It was a pleasure doing business with John.

He is extremely knowledgeable, very personable and professional. He is thorough and took the time to explain everything. Great communication and customer service. I will absolutely recommend John!

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