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Thank you for considering UltraSound Home Inspections. My name is Conly Brooks and I am the founder and owner of UltraSound Home Inspections located in beautiful Wheat Ridge, Colorado.  I moved to Colorado in early 2014 where I attended and completed the ASHI Certified Home Inspector’s training program. I then continued my home inspection education to become a Nationally Licensed Home Inspector. Since then I have expanded my home inspection company and we now offer radon testing and sewer scopes to our clients.

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Aaron 1 Reviews
Conly provides fantastic service

Conly provides fantastic service and is a pleasure to work with. He’s hard working, honest, very knowledgeable and able to accurately assess potential issues as well as identify their solutions

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Klimas 1 Reviews
Conly Brooks was a fantastic inspector.

His report was incredibly detailed and thorough with pictures and specific descriptions. His detailed inspection allowed my real estate agent to ask for specific repairs as well as get me a huge “credit at closing” from the seller! I highly recommend UltraSound home inspections.

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Farnoosh 1 Reviews
I now have to pay three times as much for someone to come fix

In a previous Google review I wrote about Conly Brooks, I used a different account name, for safety/privacy reasons. He tried to bully me into removing that review by exposing my full first/last name. That Conly has so little integrity that he would expose a single woman and compromise her safety like that shows what type of person he truly is. As the father to a daughter, he should know better. That said, I’m now publishing my original review below, with my real name, as I will not be bullied by him. Further more, Conly billed me as Ultrasound Home Inspections, although he did home repair and masonry work at my house. I’ve shared an image of the bill. I’m guessing he shouldn’t not be doing this as this business is not licensed to do the type of work he did on my home, which may explain why he was unable to perform the job successfully. Conly is extremely unprofessional as a contractor. He’ doesn’t know how to communicate or project manage proactively. He doesn’t check in and he implements the whole project without telling you what’s going on or how it looks and then when you’re not happy with the outcome he still expects you to pay the full bill. On a recent project he overcharged me for materials I didn’t use and refuses to reimburse me. In fact when I asked he called me “crazy” and told me to “lose his number”. He absolutely does not know what he’s doing with tuck pointing though he sells himself as being knowledgeable. And on other projects, he often has to redo simple tasks several times to get it right. So while his rate is low, you pay threefold in the amount of time it takes him to execute. He is incredibly unprofessional on top of not executing well on projects, calling you names and accusing you of getting in the way of him doing his work. Lots of excuses. It’s possible that he’s good with home inspection but just doesn’t know how to actually do the hands-on work. To be clear I didn’t hire him for inspections, I hired him for projects such as tuck pointing and other repairs around the house and the outcomes were always subpar. And then he was defensive and aggressive at different times toward me. Find yourself a real professional contractor who won’t call you insulting names after messing up your home projects. I’ve shared a copy of the shockingly rude text message he sent me and I simply asked him about the cost of some materials he’d charged me for that I didn’t use. And I’ve attached pictures of the mismatched grey mortar he slathered onto my beautiful vintage brick home. Masonry experts now have to drill it all out because it’s not only the wrong color, it’s the wrong type which will damage structurally because it will settle differently than the original mortar. Conly could and should have matched the mortar color AND type but did not. These are things an expert mason knows and Conly didn’t though he claimed he’s an expert with tuck pointing. I now have to pay three times as much for someone to come fix Conly’s bad work on my house even though I also already paid Conly.

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