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With this being our motto and Willis Home Inspections being a family-owned business we take pride in treating you like family. Home ownership is one of the largest investments we incur during our lives. At Willis Home Inspection, we understand the pivotal point you and your family are in and we take it seriously by providing home buyers with thorough, comprehensive information to aid in the home buying process. The home buying experience can be exciting and scary at the same time. We take the emotion out of it and give you a call it like it is approach to the inspection. Willis Home Inspections is proud to have served the CSRA for over 20 years and we are committed to giving our customers peace of mind.

3 Reviews for Willis Home Inspections Inc

Chad McKinney 1 Reviews
While we all hope and wish that a Home Inspection

While we all hope and wish that a Home Inspection will reveal 100% of what is wrong with a home reality is that no one is ever that good, but boy Willis Home Inspections sure do try hard to be 100% accurate. Extremely detailed oriented and they take pictures of the problem areas so you can see exactly what they are describing of the issue. Extremely accommodating of making room for an appointment in such a short period of notification. If there is ever a need for another home inspection I’m definitely calling them back, they’ve earned a repeat customer here.

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Paul Ade 1 Reviews
Unfortunately for us we had to learn in a difficult and expensive way .

If only I read the other reviews beneath and didn’t innocently believe my real estate agent we may not have been in these situation. Willis home inspections was recommended to us on 4/14/2020 by our real estate agent (Douglas lane real estate ) to inspect a house we were purchasing . The reports only listed minor issues . After closing on 5/19/20, we started finding several major concerns , the laundry room bathtub leaked underneath the house , rotten sub floors , the whole electrical connection in the house was improper and a potential fire hazard , we even had an exposed live 240v cable connected directly to the water heater . However all these were not listed on the report . When we notified the real estate agent he became defensive saying “its your life ” “its your house ” “Gods speed” . If you want someone to trust on honest home inspection, find someone else . Probably someone licensed , and under some association to hold them accountable, not related to your realtor and read in details what they make you sign before inspection .

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Tonia Babiak 1 Reviews
Way to value your customers and pay attention to detail.

As the buyer insist on using a home inspector that you selected, not one the realtor recommends. As the one footing the bill, being present for the inspection, asking for specific information to be included in the report, pointing out concerns I had, none of this mattered. Brad Willis is condescending and didn’t listen to my concerns in person. Only after my realtor called him did he go back to the house to actually look at the chimney and take pictures. The revised report wasn’t even sent to me, just my realtor. You should have peace of mind when making such a large purchase. Having someone ignore your concerns, take 5 pictures, provide very little details and check the satisfactory boxes on most of the report doesn’t do it for me. It took less than an hour and that’s with emailing the report before he left. I even corrected the spelling of my name on his sheet and he still misspelled it emailing the report.

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